If you’re eager to learn more about what social means for HR, here are five articles to kick-start your thinking.

1.  Social Media – A Finger on the HR Pulse:  Employment Today

Reasons why HR should sit up and take notice of social media including because it:  “… presents an opportunity for learning and for networking”.  The article is written by Amanda Sterling and Natasha Pieterse of #nzlead fame.

2.  Human Resources & Social Media:  KPMG

Still not convinced that HR and social media need to be friends?  Check out this overview by KPMG that addresses opportunities and risks.  It also covers social media and talent, mobility, collaboration and communication.

3.  The Perils of Being Invisible on Social Media:  Human Resources Executive

Susan Meisinger makes a strong case as to why HR professionals need to understand social media and what they risk if they don’t:  “If HR executives aren’t learning about, thinking about and using newer technologies that are available … how likely is it that they’re playing a leadership role … ?”

4.  21 Social Media Tips for HR:  The Undercover Recruiter

Ben Martinez will get you thinking about barriers to social HR, what you can do about them and why you should persist:  “You must speak and translate between two HR cultures. Traditional cultures who have little experience with it and the social media culture who know it and want to learn how it can help our industry.”

5.  Three Companies Nailing Social & Mobile for HR:  Forbes

A brief article on how UPS, Sodexo and Home Depot are using social media to attract talent: “Large companies are allocating big money toward talent recruitment at the nexus of social and mobile – and they’re getting big results.”


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