Don’t be put off by the title of this employee communications report from the UK: Releasing Voice for Sustainable Business Success.

It contains findings relevant to “…the conviction that listening and responding to employee voice is crucial to the success of businesses…”

The report outlines seven key principles to achieve effective communication:

  1. Help employees understand the business
  2. Provide information on organisational performance and financial objectives
  3. Educate employees about organisational culture and values
  4. Integrate new employees into the organisation
  5. Communicate to employees how their actions affect the customer
  6. Provide individuals with information about the true value of their total compensation package
  7. Regular and ongoing feedback from employees

The last point is highlighted as being the most important based on the research.

The report was produced by Towers Watson as part of the Rethinking Voice Forum sponsored by Tomorrow’s Company.  The latter is a global think tank and offers additional resources on employee engagement and voice.

[As an aside, you can avoid giving employees a voice within your firewalls all you like.  But arguably at your peril.  Your people have alternative means to express how they feel about your company: the ever-expanding world of external social media …]



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