Here’s a great video from (a company that is, by the way, headquartered in New Zealand) about managing virtual teams.  This is a topic near to my heart as I managed remote teams and worked as part of them for over 12 years.

I started work at 5.30am for many years to connect with colleagues from around the globe.  And I have the wrinkles to prove it (it’s difficult not to squint at the bright glow of a computer screen that time of the morning!)

I agree with the presenter, Devin Deen, who describes employee communication as being the “secret sauce” of success.  He also talks about the importance of team building, relationships, technology and daily updates.

Black Birds Three can help you in this space by developing practical communication and collaboration processes for virtual leadership teams and project teams.  It’s lots of fun and can make a huge difference to employee engagement and project outcomes.


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