This is a helpful article from the Ragan website that was published last year:  15 tips for effective employee communication.  It’s short, sweet and covers the basics nicely.

I won’t list the 15 points here, but some sensible tips include:

  • Make sure senior management plays a role
  • Use lots of different channels
  • Have a structured employee communications cadence

I would add, please don’t talk down to employees; this happens often and generally by accident not intent.  Think about employees as a group of distinct individuals when you start to draft your communications.

When delivering a presentation to a live audience, you make eye contact with individuals in the room.  Think about doing the equivalent when you write employee communications.

For example, it’s often more effective to avoid language like “All employees should submit their annual leave by 10 May …” and replace it with “You should submit …” or “Please submit your…”.  This simple change makes a positive difference to the tone of your communications.


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