Internal social media for business is here, whether you’re ready or not.  And whether you like it or not.  Now’s a good time to start to understand it, if you don’t already.  Like right now.

As HR, change management and internal communications professionals, we’ve bemoaned a lack of two-way communication methods for years.  Voila!  Social media to the rescue.

OK, maybe it’s not quite so simple.  You do need to be ready to take some risks.  Enjoy some thoughtful experimentation.  And think about how to align with your company culture, branding and business goals.  You should also consider how it fits into your employee communications strategy.

This easy-to-read case study courtesy of Melcrum on how the Mayo Clinic used internal social media use to engage employees is a great starting point.  Nothing scary here.  Just lots of good practical ideas.

To help understand how very powerful (and practical) social media can be, head to Spark – taking Collaboration and Corporate Social Networking to a new Level at PwC.


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