One of the projects I worked on this week was for an Australian media company who needed help with text for an eDM (electronic direct mail).  The target audience was second and final year university students.  There were two primary aims:

  • Secure student registrations to attend a high-profile media careers event
  • Challenge common perceptions about careers in media head-on

We coupled an attention grabbing headline with a strong “call to action” at the beginning of the eDM communication.  The action being sought in this instance is for students – from a diverse range of degrees – to click the registration link.

The text of the eDM was pithy:  the event logistics, what the students would gain and registration details.  Hyperlinks to webpages with more information were included.

Here are a few basic principles to apply when writing your employee communication emails:

  • Make your request for an action or a specific behaviour early in the email
  • Use bullet points:  people often scan rather than read word-by-word
  • Keep it brief: include links to more detailed information if it’s needed
  • Repeat the request for action near the end of the email

Emails have a short life span.  Consider posting them to an appropriate place on your website or Intranet for a period of time.


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