Over the past few weeks I’ve been asked several times why I chose the name ‘Black Birds Three’. Now, there are a few reasons.  To begin with I had an aversion to a business name that was a pun of any type.  I’m also rather fond of a poem by Wallace Stevens called ‘Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird’.  And I didn’t want a name that was stiff and starchy.

But one of the main reasons was that birds just seem to be outstanding communicators.

Sure they chirp, tweet, squawk, cluck, chirrup, whistle and display a range of other amazing vocalisations. But they also arguably communicate through behaviour. The results can be astonishing as demonstrated by the amazing synchronised patterns caused by starling murmurations as featured in this video.

Now, while we don’t yet know all the science behind what makes a murmuration possible, I’d like to think that communication and collaboration play a part.  Regardless, it’s still pretty cool.



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