You’ll be energised, inspired and grow confidence as you go after the goals that matter to you most. And be supported by a proven coach using a science-based approach.

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If your focus is on achieving professional or personal development goals, coaching will help you to get results fast. It’s a proven approach: expand and challenge your thinking, increase confidence, create change.

This coaching program draws from contemporary neuroscience, along with research from positive psychology, adult learning theory, as well as systems and change theories.

People seek me out for my experience in helping clients to make real progress.

Identify What to Do Next!

  • Create personal or professional goals, develop practical strategies and plans to achieve them, and support your learning and growth

Work with Overwhelm

  •  Help to navigate the right path and make decisions when faced with change, uncertainty and ambiguity, or simply too much to do!

Build Lasting Confidence

  • Reach full potential and find your voice, or make a key transition to a new role, leadership position or phase of life

You’ll create space for sustainable change by shifting mind sets, habits and behaviours with the help of an experienced and supportive coach.

And yes, I coach both individuals and teams!

July-Aug-Sept Coaching Programs

What is it?

A motivating, interactive and energising approach to going after your goals supported by strategies, actions and conversations to keep you engaged and on track. It’s a process that combines reflection, action and learning.

Practical Coaching Programs Designed Around You

  • A series of 1:1 coaching sessions (60-75 minutes) with your coach over a period of 4-12 weeks

Brain-Friendly and Neuroscience Aligned

  • A proven, science-based approach to goal-setting, insight generation and habit formation

Structured and Organic

  • We follow a clearly articulated methodology with distinct stages and align to your needs

Results. Results. Results.

  • A focus on identifying and achieving your objectives, goals and actions

We work to expand and challenge thinking to support a shift from impasse to action, and to generate positive and sustainable behaviours. It’s a process based on action and awareness.

What do people say?

“Carol was not just someone to talk to about my dreams, she was the right person to guide me towards achieving my purpose in life. Her approach allowed me to see the value in the process and find a real path to my goals. The following words give a glimpse into my experience with Carol…thoughtful, challenging and completely engaged.”
Anita Kriek-Fagan, Global Head of Talent Operations, MZ

“Carol will ask tough questions and will challenge you to think differently but without fail I have left every single one of our conversations with a smile on my face feeling energized and excited about my goals. She is absolutely FABULOUS.”
Sabrina D, Business Analyst, Shared Services

“Coach, consultant, mentor and collaborator extraordinaire! Carol brings unbounded enthusiasm and experience to all aspects of her interactions with the individuals and teams she supports. She is a great practitioner of ‘keeping the end in mind’. She works with purpose and integrity, and has been crucial to the success of our organization.”
Tom G, Director, Global Business Operations

“Working with Carol was very easy from the start. Her guidance was always delivered with great ease and respect and understanding of where I was at. We discussed goals and desired career state and things that would make me happy at work. Carol helped me look at things in a different way than I knew … encouraged me to look at work from a different angle.  Her strategic outlook continues to be influential to me with my work today. She is also extremely FUN to work with. I’m not sure where I would be today without her guidance.”
Jean W, World Wide Program Manager, Human Resources

“Carol has a natural way of spreading positivity and motivating anyone who she works with. She was organized, communicative, consistent, and always present. Carol was deeply invested in my success and made it her mission to help me achieve my goals (which I did) and celebrate my boosted self-confidence!”
Sarah S, Manager, Worldwide Recruiting Operations

“Carol provides a very safe and supportive environment in which deep and meaningful conversations take place. She is also a very genuine person who thinks about the best ways of helping people. She certainly helped me arrive at a number of key decisions by inspiring me to see a broader perspective.”
Robert B, Principle Strategist, Federal Government

“Despite the muddled mess in my head, Carol always managed to get me thinking clearly and focused on the next steps. She’s upbeat and energetic yet thoughtful and empathetic. I felt very safe discussing deeper issues with her – like tackling my fear around my next career step.”
Oliver W, PMO Leader, IT

Who’s it for?

If you’ve made a commitment to tackling professional or personal development goals this year, coaching is a great fit for you.

I am involved in coaching both corporate and self-funded coachees from all backgrounds, sectors and stages of life. My approach is practical, empathic and no-nonsense.

Early-in-career professionals and managers rapidly improve capability, effectiveness and confidence. Coaching is not just for executives and seasoned leaders.

I also have specialist experience in coaching people who work in:

  • Strategy, transformation and change
  • Business operations and shared services
  • Project management and PMOs
  • People, culture, HR and recruiting

Contact me to schedule your first session to experience coaching first hand, get your questions answered and see if it’s for you.

How does it work?

Coaching has a long history of effectiveness and draws upon disciplines as diverse as philosophy, counselling, psychology, sport coaching and behavioural science.

Brain-based coaching draws from contemporary neuroscience, along with research from positive psychology, adult learning theory, as well as systems and change theories.

For additional information see Coaching: Frequently Asked Questions and The NeuroLeadership Institute.

Why coaching works

Who’s your coach?

My name is Carol Howard and over the past 20+ years I have coached individuals, teams and leaders in the workplace with an emphasis on sustainable change, performance improvement, communication, confidence building and goal setting.

I am an experienced and trained coach, consultant and facilitator. Pragmatic. Practical. Fun. No-nonsense. Caring. Action-oriented. Let’s go!

Do I have a coach myself? Of course I do!

My coach training was undertaken with The NeuroLeadership Institute and The Centre for Coaching Development and Supervision. I am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and abide by the ICF Code of Ethics.

As recommended by the ICF for all professional coach practitioners, I undertake monthly supervision.  I do this with the The Centre for Coaching Development and Supervision based in Australia.

Neuro Leadership Institute

Shift your thinking. Change your world.

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