Develop the change leadership, organisational change and change management capability of your team as they work on real-life projects and priorities in your workplace.



A fast, simple and proven way to immediately and sustainably improve change outcomes.

  • Grow change leaders and change makers: project, program, initiative and functional teams
  • Blended learning centred on a real project: trainer, mentor, coach & consulting support
  • Teams who can lead and inspire change with confidence in today’s workplace

What is it?

A flexible and blended learning and support program to build the capability of your team when it comes to how they introduce and sustain workplace change as part of projects, initiatives and programs.

What do my clients love about this approach? A minimum of down time as team learning is focused on and immediately applied to an existing project.


  • We shape the approach based on where the team is at today, what they’re working on and what tools and approaches are currently in place

Mentoring and Coaching

  • Structured learning, mentoring and coaching for the team and/or individuals to support confidence, capability and stretch


  • Consulting support as needed around all elements of change to bridge skill or confidence gaps as capability evolves

Great change makers know how to influence, explore, challenge and experiment. They have a deep understanding of people, behaviour and culture when it comes to change. Methodologies, tools and process are just one part of the picture.

Who’s it for?

Teams and individuals who need to lead, manage and inspire change in the workplace.  People and teams who want to move from being change managers to change makers.

  • Project, functional and initiative teams
  • Strategy and transformation functions
  • Operations, IT, HR, Finance, PMO
  • Change management teams
  • Internal communications

It’s ideal for any team looking to improve how it introduces and sustains change.

How does it work?

We know that the most powerful and sustainable learning happens on-the-job. So that’s what we focus on. To develop a program we typically use a 4-part co-design process.

    1. Discover. What’s your business context? What’s working well for you today? Where is there opportunity to grow? Your change challenges?
    2. Design.   What will have the biggest positive impact on the team? What project/s are a priority? Primary purpose and results for the program?
    3. Implement.   Foundational workshop/s and change strategy, tools and plan development, followed by weekly/fortnightly sessions that taper off over time
    4. Review. What worked well? Team breakthrough moments? How to share knowledge with peers and embed change expertise?

A typical client engagement can last anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months based on size, scope and complexity. Mentoring, coaching and consulting support is progressively reduced as team change capability increases.

Teams equipped to lead and inspire change in today’s workplace.

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